Rawson & Perrin handcrafted fishing reels are made to order and manufactured entirely by hand in our Gloucestershire workshop. No mass production is involved on any of the parts which allows us to make them to virtually any specification required.

We are currently working on a centrepin design so watch this space!

Handmade Fly Reels

Up to 3″ diameter — £375 —
Over 3″ diameter — £POA —

Our signature fly reel design is a modern twist on an old classic. The reel cage is turned from very high grade aluminium which is then anodised and given a ‘titanium sheen’ – this makes it both lightweight and durable.

Spool designs can vary but are again made from marine grade aluminium turned on our lathes. Whether you prefer large arbour, lots of weight saving holes, or a more traditional faceplate with few or even no holes at all, we can discuss and design to your preference.

The aluminium reel foot is hard anodised and dyed black. A hardwood or bamboo handle completes the look of the reel.

The ‘click and pawl’ style check system works as many older reels did, i.e. easier to wind in than out.

As standard, the back of the reel simply engraved to bare our name. However, personalised engravings can be added to make it that little bit more special.

We are also able to colour the reels to your taste during the anodising process. Black, various shades of grey and gold seem to be most popular and allow you to have the cage and spool in different colours.

The fly reels are available in a variety of sizes depending on what line weight is required. Fly lines can be preloaded if required.

All reels are supplied in a ‘Rawson & Perrin’ pouch and presented within a wooden box.


Sunray Fly Fishing
We recommend Sunray micro thin fly lines to go with our small river rods and reels. To read why, please click HERE