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Rawson & Perrin

Rawson & Perrin was formed in 2009 when two fishing enthusiasts were brought together by their passion for angling and making things. They had been fishing from a young age due to their fathers’ own love for the sport.

After discovering the joys of using centrepins and old cane rods made by the likes of Allcocks and Hardy etc, they never looked back. Although carbon & fiberglass rods may weigh less, the action and aesthetics of bamboo just amplified the joys of a day on the bankside.

Even though they had both restored some of their favourite rods in the past, it wasn’t until Rawson began fly fishing small streams for wild brown trout that he had seriously thought about building his own rods. Slowly he began to gather the tools and equipment to begin the building.

While his counterpart was dreaming of rod building, Perrin started to build and perfect his own floats. Rawson & Perrin kept their arts to themselves until 2009 when they decided to take their hobbies more seriously.

With rivers such as the Bristol Avon, the Wye and countless tributaries and streams within a short drive, the pair had the perfect testing grounds.

The resulting techniques and tapers the pair have developed over the years makes for a stunning spectacle of piscatorial perfection.

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